Headquarters forum now has a moderator

Fall in. Answer up. Be accounted for. Post a memory, photo, greeting or question. If nothing else post that you are still alive because some of us are likely to be glad you did.
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Headquarters forum now has a moderator

Postby Niner Alpha » Wed Feb 12, 2003 3:33 am

Chuck, better known as cmccammon is now the new forum host. If there were anybody here to welcome him I would encourge them to do so. But I feel really confident that this forum is going to grow over time and I feel comfident that Chuck is the man to encourage that growth in that he believes in the potential of this site as I do.

Thanks Chuck. I feel real fortunate that you have offered to help. More importantly, we both believe this site is going to grow and be more valuable over time.
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Re: Headquarters forum now has a moderator

Postby cmccammon » Sun Feb 16, 2003 12:38 am

Thank you Robert,

I am honored to be associated with such a great group of Vietnam Veterans. I feel a responsibility to my old unit to help capture and retain the stories, pictures, and reunions that mean so much to all who served with us. I am deeply appreciative of the efforts you have made to "Bring us Together," Robert.
All I ask of those that visit is to share a thought or contact any of the Forum members to help them share their thoughts.
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Posted by: Chuck McCammon
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