The Super Bowl and and a 2/4th Hero

Charlie battery 1/11th and Delta battery 2/4th were two of the Artillery units that supplied both enlisted members of the FO teams and artillary fire support during different time periods in Vietnam. Please make a post and make yourself known if you played a part in artillery support.
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The Super Bowl and and a 2/4th Hero

Postby Niner Alpha » Sat Feb 03, 2018 9:28 am

Sammy L. Davis was an artilleryman in Charlie battery, 2nd Battalion, 4th Artillery. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during an incident in 1967 while serving in the 9th Division. He is going to participate in the coin toss at the Super Bowl this Sunday between the Patriots and the Eagles.

The 6th of the 31st was supported by Delta Battery 2nd Battalion, 4th Artillery from mid 1969 until the 3rd Brigade pulled out in September of 1970. ... coin-toss/

He wants to tell kneeling players about honoring the flag and why he thinks all American's should stand in honor of those who fought and sometimes died for their country. At the same time as I noticed this story I read this one. ... ill-matter

Their political answer was that they wanted to preserve the American respect for the flag and for veterans. President Trump made that point at his State of the Union address. Numerous veterans have made the same point. They are wrong. Protesting when the government doesn’t live up to or directly undermines the principles of the US Constitution is the best way to honor the flag and veterans because those principles are what they fought for. Trying to discourage freedom of expression actually insults veterans by diminishing their sacrifice.

Old Bob Dylan tune...."You are right from your side and I am right from mine. We're just one too many mornings and a thousand miles behind".

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