Niner Delta 1970

Charlie battery 1/11th and Delta battery 2/4th were two of the Artillery units that supplied both enlisted members of the FO teams and artillary fire support during different time periods in Vietnam. Please make a post and make yourself known if you played a part in artillery support.
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Niner Delta 1970

Postby Niner Alpha » Sun Apr 11, 2004 10:42 am

John Bayer sent me this picture long ago. I think I was waiting for pemission to post it and forgot about it. I think now at this late date his sending it to me was probably his permission.

In any case, the picture is of 2nd Lt. John Bayer in the forground and someone in the background not named. John was FO for Delta company during some part of 1970. For sure during May and the Cambodian incursion.
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Re: Niner Delta 1970 guy in the backround

Postby Ron Heinzel » Sat Sep 11, 2010 2:46 pm

The fellow in the back is Lt. Bayer's RTO. I know because he carried the radio for me after Lt. Bayer left. His name was Joe but I called him "Monk" Don't know much more seems weird after all the time we were in the bush together. I have a few more pics of him at least one is posted on the Delta Co. photo page.

Ron Heinzel

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