Colonel Cornelius Gearin. Battalion Commander

This is the place to remember those who died in their youth in Vietnam in service with the 6/31st and those who have died since. Family members are encouraged to post here. All death notices and information that the site acquires from whatever sources will be posted here as well.
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Colonel Cornelius Gearin. Battalion Commander

Postby Niner Alpha » Tue Jul 21, 2020 1:46 pm

Colonel Cornelius Gearin was the last battalion commander of the 6th of the 31st in Vietnam. When he closed up shop in late September of 1970 the actual battalion flag was retired and went into storage. One of his sons lowned us a copy the colonel had made while apparently in Vietnam to show the colors at the 2015 stand alone Branson reunion.

Jerry White found a newspaper obit story online and I've copied it and placed it in the photo section of this site. Gearin died June 6, 1999 in Seattle Washington and was buried with military honors from Ft. Lewis. From the story you can see the guy that many slogging through the mud and hearing his voice urging them on called the Great White Father, wasn't all that old. He seemed ancient because of his white hair, and was only 40 or 41 years old in 1970. He was younger when he died at age 70 than just about all of us are now. Click on the links to read the story posted in two image files.
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