new registrations at site

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new registrations at site

Postby Niner Alpha » Tue Nov 10, 2015 12:17 pm

There were some disconnects in the site upgrade that continues and a couple of guys who were probably for real, and not spambots ,attempted to register and had gotten past basic spam controls. I cleared one of them to login but it didn't go smoothly. Normally I should have gotten an approve or delete message before the new member could login and the member would be notified if he was approved. The reason for all this precaution is that otherwise the site would be bombarded with spam posts as anyone who remembers the old 31st Association site will remember.

The registration has been changed back to the old question capture as before coupled with follow up email verification. Spambots aren't likely to know the answer to any of the possible questions....nor anybody who isn't well connected to the 6/31st.

This site is about as dead as it can be so any post is appreciated.....just not machine spam.

If you tried to register, but had a problem, email me at and mention in the subject line something about the content of the email and I'll help.

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