West Point grad at FT. Drum gets OTH discharge

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West Point grad at FT. Drum gets OTH discharge

Postby Niner Alpha » Tue Jun 19, 2018 10:33 am

Just noticed this story. Seems a combat veteran of Afghanistan got admitted to West Point. He recently graduated. But.... he got kicked out of the Army with an "other than honorable" discharge for advocating Communism and posing with a pro Communism message in his hat and wearing a Che Guevara t shirt under his graduation uniform. Certainly not something "normal" West Pointers would do.

He was seriously on the wrong path for a West Pointer. West Point officers are sane and intelligent and reserved in whatever they have going on in their heads about any political issue....if they have any such thoughts. They are trained to stick to military problems at hand and solve them without thinking beyond to the point of assigning social meaning. But this guy has all his personal crazy dangling on the outside.

His Afghanistan experience apparently caused him to form an opinion that put him on the wrong path:
“We were bullies in one of the poorest countries on Earth,” Rapone said. “We have one of the most technologically advanced militaries of all time and all we were doing is brutalizing and invading and terrorizing a population that had nothing to do with what the United States claimed was a threat.”

PTSD maybe?

Round peg in square hole?

Yet thinking back........Maybe he could be Secretary of State one day. Remember John Kerry?

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/201 ... -red-flags

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