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Postby Niner Alpha » Tue Apr 17, 2018 2:41 pm

No doubt they give a free page to all and sundry because they can get information back that they can make money off of and they have been very successful in doing so. Nobody with any degree of adult awareness should be surprised what they know, or think they know about you, if you have a facebook page. But.. I was posting some things to a Facebook nostalgia site that suddenly came to a fork in the road and hundreds of posts were deleted from a post I began for reasons of space clearing as an excuse. When I suggested the page owner open a real website, considering the large interest. He deleted my suggestion and became very defensive. I got to thinking what a waste Facebook was for any actually interesting subject and any potential real content or discussion. So I posted this on my home page:

My take on Facebook is that it isn't so much the ogre on the internet with the largest collection of subjects in a state of either commensalism or amensalism, depending on who is doing the judging, but something more detrimental in that it has suffocated potential subject information sharing that messageboards used to provide. For instance, I used to look at a film camera page on facebook ...but, if I posted something, because of the volume, it would be lost as it became almost instantly buried as the following posts pile up. On another facebook site, dedicated to a military unit, much that had passed before is lost and any post of particular importance shares the same fate as ones that are the typical posts that are of at best passing interest. On facebook, posts with content are valued the same as unimportant posts on uncompartmentalized scrolling single site pages and are lost like yesterdays news stories. One site dedicated to nostalgia, today, dropped hundreds of posts because the owner found one topic had relegated previous topics too many pages back and edited out possible content that might have been of interest....if only to those who posted who are now offended by the edit. At a real website content can be organized, compartmentalized by subject and searched.

Facebook is a"look at me today" proposition. If you are really interested in a subject find an existing website or start a stand alone website with a compartmentalized message board and use facebook to point to it.

Websites need not be just message boards to communicate information. Take a look at this site my son Jason Stewart made for me. Notice the photo library, the guestbook, the timeline, the Wall page, the obituary page and the Roster of those who have made contact in addition to the message board. You can't do something like this on facebook.

And I should have added that the problem is that websites like this one take time, money and work to produce. Facebook is free and no actual work is involved in producing a page. Anyone can do it. No actual skill is required. It also takes no maintenance to keep running smoothly like is sometimes required at this site. My son has provided most of the work for free. And... this site ... is produced without advertisement or predatory hidden goals of any sort. Nobody makes any money off this site....and you don't have to pay any money to see it or participate in it.

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