saving one's photos in a book project

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saving one's photos in a book project

Postby Niner Alpha » Mon Apr 30, 2018 3:30 pm

If you have some time on your hands you might make a hard cover book of 20 odd pages full of photos to commemorate some occasion for cheaper than you might think. You might scan your old Vietnam photos and put them in it....or a vacation....or a memory book of the 2015, one and only, actual battalion reunion. You can add to the 20 pages for a nominal fee if you have the need for more space. And you can lay it out and make the photos bigger or smaller and add some captions.

The thing now days that is important to remember ... digital photography is all pretty much easy done, easy lost, and hardly ever converted to hard copy....all of it now just ephemera. Photographic electronic static is really here today and gone tomorrow unless saved in some way more tangible than electronic storage. Paper prints have a way of being close to permanent.... and if you want to show off some photos you don't have to crank up the computer and look for the right file if you have a bound book of images on one subject. And ten years after you are dead and your now toddler grandchild asks granny about you... the substantiating digital images will be likely lost with your last junked computer. But... a book on a shelf will likely still be there and instantly opened without a password.
York or Clark online photography...really the same company with different names runs specials off and on. At the moment, if you go to "deals" and and search among the choices for "books". You can get one now for just under $10 plus the shipping that will run probably another $7.

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