So where do you get your world news?

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So where do you get your world news?

Postby Niner Alpha » Tue Dec 11, 2018 12:30 pm

TV news is usually either too abbreviated or slanted in one way or the other to suit me...usually either bashing Trump for something, or in the case of the right wing sources, praising him for some of the same things with little to no exposition as to why in either case. The online stuff is often better, if only for being more detailed. However the best of them are largely still shallow and based on editorial bias of one sort of the other the same as the TV news. Of the online sites I follow, my choices are based on how wise or perceptive I think a writer is.... Like Greenwald on the Intercept ....who I think actually puts some thought into his subjects and actually has detailed arguments, with links and footnotes for support..although not so much the other writers on that site.

The online sites that mirror what I would call the "Legitimate Press", are somewhat better than TV. The local state news is mostly what the high school football teams did and the usual verbal diarrhea about Alabama and Auburn and speculation about who Bear's cousin's grandson might play for, crime and accidents and other such local and state stuff. The Alabama news site does have a couple of editorial writers on state government topics that are really outstanding though. Unlike in the song Sweet Home Alabama, their consciences are bothered by the all pervasive corruption in Alabama politics and they do know how to write about it.

On the national scene I often take a look at the Guardian. That's a British version of the world news. You'd think they would have a fresh slant on Trump and company....but they are really CNBC, CNN, etc., all over again. If they were American they would certainly be lumped in solidly on the left side of the spectrum. They hate Trump....maybe because he is the son of a Scotswoman and the Guardian seems decidedly English. However, since they are really mostly interested in Brexit and that sort of thing and they probably don't really have their complete heart in it and take comfort in their assumed exalted world view . As a consolation to no American they do seem more interested in "football" , as in soccer, and say such quaint things as "in hospital" instead of "in the hospital". That at least gives you an impression they aren't completely bias because they are foreigners after all.

Recently I found a new news source for "world" news with a focus on the US. . It s the old Associated Press. I thought they went out of business about the time the phrase "stop the presses" became extinct except in old movies. If you just want the facts, without much seasoning added, it seems the best. Besides it give you a menu to pick from. It's not like TV CBS news where every show has to end with a heart warming tale you are locked in to watch. Like last night... a guy has a dog with cancer. His best, and probably only friend, so he takes the dog for a road trip from one coast to the other before the dog dies. Not a dry eye in the house among dog lovers I guess. It would have been better if we could have seen the dog die in the end.

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