Political public values and a Governor in Virginia

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Political public values and a Governor in Virginia

Postby Niner Alpha » Mon Feb 04, 2019 1:42 pm

The Governor of Virginia has a public values problem. No... he wasn't involved with paying off hookers or running a bogus college for boobs looking to learn how to get rich quick. It was worse than that. He had his picture in a college yearbook 35 years ago as either a KKK guy or a white guy in black face as some kind of dumb joke. It's not sure which character he was....but it doesn't matter. It offends current public values big time.


"The state’s Republican House speaker said there is “a rightful hesitation” among lawmakers to seek Northam’s impeachment or removal, and they are hoping he steps down instead.

“Obviously on impeachment, that’s a very high standard,” Speaker Kirk Cox said. “And so I think that’s why I think we have called for the resignation. We hope that’s what the governor does. I think that would obviously be less pain for everyone.”

If Northam does resign, Democratic Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax would become the second African-American governor in the state’s history"

Can you image the impeachment...."So governor, 35 years ago when you were a 24 year old medical student you were in a yearbook photo with either you in black face holding a beer or you were in a KKK disguise standing next to said student with beer...isn't that correct?" And the Governor answers..."I'm heartily sorry for being whichever one of those people I was. But in those days, like our newest member of the Supreme Court, I did like beer".

And so they take a vote and they either remove him from office or maybe make him swear up and down that he will never run for any political office again....so help him God.

Jesus..what a world full of wacko's we have today....looking to bravely shame anyone that might have done something socially incorrect by today's standard decades ago. What if he had been only involved in graft and corruption? That would be a lessor offense I'd guess. Slim chance of being impeached or forced to resign in that case.

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