The D day buzz

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The D day buzz

Postby Niner Alpha » Sat Jun 08, 2019 10:30 am

We all saw on tv the D Day buzz...more special this year because of the 75th anniversary. Old Donald bone spurs made a speech. Another ancient paratrooper does a tandem jump. The queen of England made a speech and told how she was doing war work like a British Rosie the Riveter. The President of France thanked America and mourned US dead. Plenty of ceremony. Lots of TV interviews with a few live relics of that event. However, if someone who never studied much about WWII was watching....and that's a lot of people.... the impression would be that the war to take back Europe from Hitler began on June 6, 1944. And... once the landing was secured the war in Europe was all over except for the mopping up.

Americans forget that the US had been in the war in actual combat against Germany since November of 1942 in operation Torch that invaded North Africa. And after Africa, US, and British, forces invaded Sicily and were on the way up the boot of Italy long before D Day ever was an actual date to aim for out of the build up in England. Roughly six months before D Day at the start of 1944 a second US Army European front was made in Italy at Anzio as a short cut to Rome. Anzio was bloodier than the D Day landing because the landing was stopped not far from the beach. Anzio produced 4,400 US combat dead and 18,000 wounded as well as 37,000 non combat deaths as a part of the severe shelling from the Germans. At D Day there 2499 US KIA and 3184 wounded. So... where is the ceremony for the Italian campaign? I guess it wasn't important....or maybe nobody noticed. No good movies either.

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