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We still have Skype chats every Thursday night 8pm Eastern time

Posted: Sun Jul 26, 2015 8:21 pm
by Niner Alpha
It's been going on for years now. If you want to try it out just let me know you are interested and add x9eralpha to your Skype contact list. All you need is a webcam. Skype is free to use. web cameras can be had for any price starting at less than $10.

Re: We still have Skype chats every Thursday night 8pm Eastern time

Posted: Thu Aug 03, 2017 1:05 pm
by Niner Alpha
It's Thursday again and I can't help but wonder what it would take to sell this chat thing as an idea worth considering. So I'l give it another try.

Years ago...say 2002..2003, a type chat was started on the original version of this site for this particular battalion. By about 2005 we were having type chats a couple times a week and sometimes we would have a dozen or so guys typing away at any one time. The internet had made possible a thrill right out of the twilight zone. We were making real time contact with guys we served with, or at least who had actually been linked to the context of our memories of Vietnam. All those old bottled up memories that we never could talk about because nobody would be able to understand were now speak-able to guys just like ourselves. When somebody asked, remember this or that, at least somebody did. It was mind blowing.

That old type chat now seems pretty unsatisfactory as a means of communication. The guy who could type the fastest said the most. The question asked one moment might have been interrupted with five other thoughts before a hunt and peck keyboard letter pusher could type some simple sentence in response. It was often a jumble of confusing response order not all related to a single topic. It was amazing that anybody stuck around....except for the strong novelty of the connection and what it meant about what we had all individually carried around inside of us for a lot of years. Sometimes it was intense as what a few guys had long remembered individually about a specific incident became shared memory. It was something like we later came to experience at actual reunions in later years in meeting again guys we served with and sharing some memories in conversations.

Now days we have Skype voice chats with a live video feed. Nobody types. We can see your face and your expression. You can attach a photo or a link and share if you like. It is way ahead of the type chat in every way imaginable. It's even free. And what the chat has evolved into is something else too. We have tamed the memories, even if they are not forgotten, and have gotten past the novelty of being able to talk to others who share such experiences as we had. We are now more aware of aging and supporting each other in times of stress or worry and laughing with each other over the things we do that we enjoy. We realize not everyone has been as fortunate as us in their journey and some still need to make that communication connection that was lost when they came home from Vietnam. We have not forgotten that primary need.

Tonight,like every Thursday for years, Ron Raymond, Floyd Jones, Chuck Thrush, and myself will show up if nothing prevents one or another from it. At least some of us have made every chat for years. There has never been a no chat Thursday in my memory. We will talk about things we have been doing over the last week and things we will be doing in the near future. We talk about lots of things. The chat has evolved...but it hasn't forgotten it's roots.

We would all welcome anyone with a battalion connection who might want to give it a try. Just get a Skype account and let me know what your handle is. I'll give you a call at 7 pm CST on Thursday night. If you want to talk...just answer the Skype ring.

Re: We still have Skype chats every Thursday night 8pm Eastern time

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 6:19 pm
by Niner Alpha
It's Thursday again. Contact me with your Skype handle and I'll add you to the group.