Ron Madewell E5 Alpha Oct 69 to Oct 70

Over the years there have been monthly collages. Most saluted different contributors to the Album. This new forum is just to keep the collages and remarks about them from being totally forgotten.
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Ron Madewell E5 Alpha Oct 69 to Oct 70

Postby Niner Alpha » Thu Aug 09, 2018 1:09 pm

Ron has talked to us on the Skype a couple times recently. However, he has more recently lost his home in California due to the fire storms. Haven't heard from him since he had to evacuate the area of Shasta. Maybe he will make it back to the Skype soon to tell us how he is making out. There is a Skype chat tonight as I post this. It's Thursday.

He was in 2nd platoon....although you see in the the the narrow photo of a guy walking ... Lt. Hall of 3rd Platoon. In the bottom around the beer is Captain Lavazzi, Sgt. Riggs, the guy in the ranger hat was the XO at one time Lt. Morgan. The guy with no shirt... I don't know his name. The porch scene is of the deck at the officers club at Ben Luc.

The most amazing photo is of the guidon of Alpha rescued from being left behind at Ben Luc when the battalion left to be dissolved in September of 1970.

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