Chamberlain, Jackson, Cu Chi in 1969

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Chamberlain, Jackson, Cu Chi in 1969

Postby Niner Alpha » Sun Feb 03, 2019 12:00 pm

The 6th of the 31st took over Chamberlain sometime in early to mid 1970. It was at place four or five K's West of a village called Duc Hoa. Later in 1970 Alpha was at FSB Jackson , out of which the "Island" incident that has been talked about happened. And very late in the remaining time of the 6th of the 31st, Alpha witnessed the total bull dozing of Jackson. And not to forget Cu Chi ....the 25th Division main base camp....which was the scene of a week long adventure within sight of the base that Alpha went on in mid 1970.

The reason for this long meandering location introduction is this story I found online involving a 25th Division outfit and a mission that touched all the above bases in a fight in the Plain of Reeds some place near the Bo Bo canal where Gettysburg was built sometime after this story. This 25th Division story happened in 1969 before we arrived on the scene.

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