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Looking for anyone who remembers John Tucker

Posted: Wed May 27, 2020 11:15 am
by Niner Alpha
He is now deceased. His wife is looking for contacts who knew him. John is pictured in a Charlie Company album here: ... ohn-Tucker

The last from his wife Judy:

Thank you so much Robert I will send you a few pictures I have on my phone and try to find more if I can. Maybe it will spark some memories for some still with us.
He came down with a fever late in his tour and they were watching for malaria so lengthened the tour by 30 days so it makes sense that he was transferred to HQ.
Yes he was definitely RTO and E5 ... I do remember that as he talked about that often.

He wrote a book about his experience and Never got it published but I’ve been trying to edit it to get it for our family’s collection if nothing else but Its hard for me to get through. Im working on it though ...
Some memories of others may help me .... I had found one of the guys, Tom Rodriquez in Leavenworth KS and we tried to get together in 2014 but never worked out now his younger brother contacted me last week and said he is failing fast and may be gone within a couple weeks. He was in basic with Johnny in Ft Lewis and they went separate ways after that So couldn’t help me with much info in country...
Anyway I’ll attach the pics I have now for posting. Thanks so much for your help.

Re: Looking for anyone who remembers John Tucker

Posted: Wed May 27, 2020 10:07 pm
by Niner Alpha
An update. Originally we had some old information from 2006 that suggested John Tucker had been in Charlie Company. Now we have information that all of his promotions came through Headquarters Company. He was also a Ft. Lewis original and had an MOS of 36K40 making him a wireman. Not infantry but in a company level support role.

Anybody from Headquarters remember him 68/69?

Re: Looking for anyone who remembers John Tucker

Posted: Thu May 28, 2020 12:02 pm
by Niner Alpha
John was one of the original Ft. Lewis trainees. He was apparently trained 11b but in April of 1968, three weeks after the 6/31st landed in Vietnam his orders show he was converted into a 36K40 wireman. He was attached to HHC and was with HQ Company for a number of months before being transferred to an arty battalion in the 25th Division at Cu Chi as a wireman. This kind of transfer was made probably because at one juncture the 9th realized all of the guys from the 6/31st having arrived at the same time would all have the same deros date and so sorted people around and brought more people in the battalion with various deros dates.

I moved John's photos to the HQ section of the album. One guy from HQ has already been found by Jerry White who remembers John. ... ohn-Tucker

Re: Looking for anyone who remembers John Tucker

Posted: Sun Jun 07, 2020 7:27 am
by Delta75
Unless something else surfaces, it appears that we have run out of sources of information regarding men who might have served with RTO John Tucker in Vietnam during 68/69.

From John’s records it appears that for AIT he trained with Alpha Company at Fort Lewis as an 11B in Nov 67 and shipped to Vietnam in April 68; however, none of the Alpha men who have responded to our emails remember John. This includes a man who served as an RTO in 1968/69.

Although, in his book, he mentions serving with Charlie Company, there is no indication in his military records that we was ever actually transferred to Charlie. In addition none of the responding Charlie men remember John. This includes the supply clerk who says that he remembers every RTO from 1967/May 69.

The only positive sign that we have relates to HHC Company. John’s records show that someone scratched thru Co A and replaced it with HHC. The records also show him as being assigned to HHC upon his arrival in Vietnam. In addition the only man to date who remembers John is Mike Bennett from HHC Company. Mike remembers John as a Field Wireman and not as an RTO. In addition the MOS that John shows on his records after his arrival in Vietnam is for a Wireman and not an RTO. We have no idea how or why John’s MOS was changed, on his records, from 11B to Field Wireman.

This Field Wireman MOS does, however, seem to explain the confusion as to the company to which John was assigned, since a Wireman from HHC could be moved around from line company to line company to provide required support. Example: John was probably temporarily assigned to Charlie Company to do some wiring for them; however, he was never actually a member of Charlie Company. Thus this is how he remembers a Charlie man getting killed while John was doing some wiring for Charlie Company.

Based on this information, I would say that while in Vietnam, John was probably not an RTO but a Field Wireman assigned to the COMMO section of HHC Company.

BTW: Per John’s records, it does show him getting transferred in 1969 from HHC to an Artillery unit. It appears that he spent a short time there as a Field Wireman until the end of his tour when he returned to the states.

That’s all we have for now. Any inputs, comments or additional information would be greatly appreciated.