December email newly received

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December email newly received

Postby Niner Alpha » Tue Dec 10, 2019 5:21 pm

The message is as follows:

We hope this email finds you all well, and we want to update everyone on how the recon went down in Branson this past week. The planning committee of Dan Kelly, Elaina Keaton-Crenshaw, and Dennis Kalota were there from Dec 3-5 and met with Sarah Hord who is the sales manager for the Branson Towers Hotel. She is amazing to work with, and has handled many reunions over the past years. She recommended 3 shows for us to attend and see what kind of reaction we would have. From there, we narrowed down the activities that we would like to schedule during the reunion.

June 18th will be an arrival day, with a hospitality suite. We do not want to control anyone’s time, the focus of this reunion is just being together. That being said, if these events interest any of you we want to assure they have room to accommodate and can get discounted group rates. So, on June 19, we can schedule the Branson Belle Showboat, with a small military service beforehand, and on June 20th, a memorial service followed by the show "Hits of the 60s and 50s too!"at one of the theaters. June 21st will be departure day.

We took a quick tour of a local memorial park which we do suggest that everyone should visit. We are not going to make it a scheduled event, but encourage everyone to go see on their own time.

In the following weeks, we will send out a registration form, and you'll be able to decide which of the activities you would like to attend. The price will be included for each activity as well, so you will know the cost. A full itinerary is in the planning stage and once finalized, will be sent out and posted on the Facebook page as well. Anyone wanting to donate to help offset costs will be able to in a short time as well. That information will be sent out once the mechanism is set up. Again, this is not going to be a reunion filled with pomp and circumstance, but more focused on enjoying everyone's company and fellowship. If you know of anyone that we are not reaching with either the email or the Facebook page, please let us know.

The Facebook page is located at


Dennise Keaton-Crenshaw

Aaron Crenshaw

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