My response to Jerry about reunion numbers

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My response to Jerry about reunion numbers

Postby Niner Alpha » Wed Feb 19, 2020 12:06 pm

This is the email just copied and pasted of my response to Jerry:

Jerry, if you want to post to facebook, go for it. At this juncture, although there are plenty of guys still alive, there are a lot of guys who did go to reunions in the past that are now dead. We age quickly now. Check out the old reunion photos at my site...and that includes Branson to count the recognized now dead. Of the ones alive, more and more have physical problems that preclude making cross country jaunts just for fun. Plenty who have never attended a reunion might be encouraged to attend a reunion...once.... if they knew guys they remembered would be there. Some that went to one before and had a good time might go again. However, our problem has been that we hitched our wagon to the 31st Regiment out of convenience back when more of us were alive and able. They weren't about what we were about from the get go. We cared about reuniting battalion people because of the depth of the impression that war left on us and we wanted the "closure" that meeting guys again would bring and they were only interested in some mythical concept of the Army Regiment and supporting a whole other modern battalion with the old Regiment label that died at the end of WWII.

If anybody needs to go to a reunion for the sake of his own satisfaction, "Now" is the time......just like Branson was "Now" for a few guys that will never have another chance.

On 2/19/2020 5:02 AM, Jerry White wrote:
> As we know the 31st Regiment attendance has significantly dropped over the years. In addition, the years that did result in high attendance were due to one of more people actively encouraging people to attend.
> Up until 2012 the reunion attendance was identified by battalion and counted "only" the veterans attending. It did "not" include family and/or guests. After 2012 the only figures that were provided were "total" attendance which included vets, family, friends, active duty personnel, honor guard, etc. We, therefore, have no record of the men from the 6/31st who attended. I personally feel that this was an attempt to mask the poor 6/31st attendance.

> I show the 6/31st men attending the 31st Regiment reunions as follows.
> 2005: 113 first significant 6/31st turn out due to Robert, Mary and Jerry.
> 2006: 90
> 2007: 162 due mainly to Jerry's encouragement drive...especially in Texas.
> 2008: 80
> 2009: 51
> 2010: 124 due mainly to encouragement support from both Tim Miller and Jerry.
> 2011: 78
> 2012 - 2018: Unknown
> 2015 (6/31st Stand Alone Branson Reunion): 190 (new 6/31st record) due to company wide encouragement, Robert, and Jerry.
> might show some attendance figures for 2012 - 2018, but I cannot find any....other than "estimates" at "total" attendance.
> Might be interesting if we were to post this on Facebook. LOL I am basically trying to show that "encouragement" is required if you want a strong attendance. Newsletters, Facebook and a few emails alone won't cut it.

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