2010 - 31st Regiment Reunion - Reno, NV - 3rd platoon, Delta

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2010 - 31st Regiment Reunion - Reno, NV - 3rd platoon, Delta

Postby Delta75 » Mon Nov 23, 2009 9:28 am

Hello 3rd Herd,

I have already had some calls concerning the dates for the 2010 Reno, NV reunion. Several men have said that they and/or their wives have to schedule their 2010 vacations before the end of 2009; therefore, the reason for this rather early reunion input (see Sam….I have started already. :lol: ). The dates and location are below.

2010 - Reno, NV
August 19-22nd confirmed dates
Tim Miller, D/6-31Vietnam, Reunion Coordinator
Atlantis Hotel and Casino

Tim Miller: You might want to ask our 1st, 2nd, Weapons and HQ platoon coordinators to provide this same information to all their men for whom we have emails. We would hate to have a Delta man miss the reunion, because of a vacation scheduling problem.

Attention 3rd Herd: Except for this year (2009) Delta Company has always had the highest 31st Regiment Reunion company attendance. This year, Charlie won with 18 men and Delta came in second with 14. Add our 34 men who attended the totally outstanding DC Reunion at the Wall, and it would have been no contest¦..Delta would have had 48 versus 18 for Charlie, 10 for Alpha, 5 for Bravo, 3 for HHC and 1 for Echo. In other words, we had almost as many in DC (34) as all of Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, HHC and Echo combined (37), and if we had been at the reunion, it would have been Delta = 48, remainder of the 6/31st = 37.

Ok 3rd Herd let's get the trophy back for Delta Company at the Reno reunion.

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