Will Hoyer

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Will Hoyer

Postby Delta75 » Thu May 29, 2014 6:33 am

Sadly more bad news for me and my Delta Brothers. Pete Kallos just informed me that our Brother Will Hoyer passed away yesterday from a heart attack. Will served with Delta Company, 1st platoon in 1970. Since Will was very close to several of our 3rd platoon men, like Pete Kallos, we in 3rd platoon "adopted" him quite a few years ago. Will attended several of the 31st Regiment reunions, and was always smiling, and a joy to be around. Will loved to hog hunt and would travel to Texas every year to hog hunt, usually with his nephew. We will miss him greatly.

Karl Lowe has the following funny story about Will:

"Jerry, I'm so sorry to hear about Will. Much too young to go! Because our AO was so large, we couldn't cover it adequately with static ambush positions so I decided to institute a mobile patrol to avoid ceding so much territory to the VC. Will was among the first volunteers but he had a deep, abiding fear of water buffalo, praying he would never encounter one in the dark. Sure enough, one's fears always come visiting. Will was walking point on a particularly ink-black night when he bumped right smack into the tail-end of a huge buffalo. Will and the buffalo seemed to compete for who could shriek the loudest on impact. The patrol ended there but the howls of laughter continued for days. Will was a good man who everyone liked and trusted--no man can earn greater respect than that".

I have no obituary information at this time. It is my understanding from Pete that there will be a cremation with a service at a later date at a military facility near Will's home.

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