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 NameCountryWeb PageTour of DutyPosted
John T Mcdonough(not set)april 1968 to april 196902/03/2015
SSG LeRoyRush(not set)jan 1968- oct 196802/03/2015
rushleroy(not set)jan 1968- oct 196802/03/2015
JOSEPH L WEISS(not set)69-7002/02/2015
ralph dickeyusa(not set)mar 69-may 7001/31/2015
norman d petrieusa(not set)1/70-10/7001/31/2015
Lawrence HurleyVietnam(not set)69-7001/23/2015
Alan T. BrownUnited States(not set)69-7001/22/2015
Rick AkersBack in the world(not set)6/01/69 5/31/7001/16/2015
Harold HenningUSA(not set)69-7001/15/2015
J C TurnerVietnam(not set)68-6901/15/2015
Jesse Bridgeforth IIUnited States(not set)Republic Of Vietnam-April 5 1968-April 5 196901/15/2015
Dennis WalkerUSA(not set)69-7001/12/2015
Lyle MagnusonUnited States(not set)sept 69-7001/08/2015
Martin TremlUSA(not set)197011/28/2014
Charles FullerUnited States(not set)Vietnam May 69- April 7011/26/2014
Terry Munsonusa(not set)Sept. 69-Oct7010/23/2014
Larry SmithUSA(not set)Dec. '68 - Aug. '6910/09/2014
Raymond F Cline srUSA(not set)1968-196909/19/2014
Dan EzsoUSA(not set)May 1967 to April 1969 and Oct 1967 to April 1969 with the 6/3109/09/2014