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 NameCountryWeb PageTour of DutyPosted
Chad KesslerUSA(not set)(not set)07/14/2014
Chad KesslerUSA(not set)(not set)07/14/2014
Kelly (MacMaster) Lind(not set)(not set)06/02/2014
Luigi TrevisanItaly(not set)(not set)05/05/2014
Channing GreeneUSA(not set)Aug 67-Aug 68(Then to Div HQ04/24/2014
Brian Swann, CW4, MC USA RetUSA(not set)68-69 9th Inf Div / Dong Tam / FSB Moore SSG, E-6, 91B-40 AMEDD NCO04/15/2014
Earnest TalleyUSA(not set)4-68 to 8-6804/15/2014
Terrance O'ConnorUSA(not set)in unit Jan 69 thru Mar 69, incountry Jan 69 thru Apr 7004/03/2014
Dennis PointerUSA(not set)US Army Viet Nam 71-7203/31/2014
Michael McConnellUnited States(not set)67-7902/10/2014
Ron ValdezUSA(not set)April 1968 - April 196902/07/2014
Joseph D'AmicoUSA(not set)Jan-6901/28/2014
Lee SchumannUSA(not set)1970-197101/02/2014
graham keyesusa(not set)1969-7012/28/2013
RICHARD DOLEHANTYU.S.(not set)1967 BASIC TRAINING......FRT CARSON....COL......12/20/2013
Steven CutlerCalifornia(not set)Nov 1967 Sep 196912/19/2013
Bill LinaUSA(not set)April 69 thru March 7012/07/2013
richard rangelusa(not set)1985 - 198612/03/2013
Edmundo C. RiosAlbuquerque, NM USA(not set)Feb 2nd - disband of 9th Division11/27/2013
Peter barrettUSA(not set)68-6911/13/2013