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NameJohn Edwin DeVore
Tour of Duty6 Battalion, 31st Infantry: Fort Lewis, Washington, October 1967-March 1968; Republic of Vietnam, 9th Division, April 1968-March 1969.
COCO, Echo Company; CO, Bravo Company; Hqs Co: Assistant S-3, Operations Officer; S-3 Operations Officer

For military historians, The 31st Infantry Regiment: A History of "America's Foreign Legion" in Peace and War by members of the 31st Infantry Regiment, is an inspiring read: "To the Polar Bears-the soldiers who served and are serving in the 31st Infantry Regiment in peace and war." Was honored to work with Karl H. Lowe to offer input when he working on Part IV B. 6th Battalion. As General Barry R. McCafferey notes in the Foreword, "The 6th Battalion of the 31 Regiment took part in some of the most violent high-intensity battles of the Vietnam War and was honored by winning 7 unit awards for valor." Sitting in the Flames: Uncovering Fearlessness to Help Others (Dr. John Edwin DeVore, 2006, 2014) is available at, Barnes & and it is John's story about the myth and reality of the Vietnam War. For folks interested in golf, John has written two golf books: Golfer's Palete: Preparing for Peak Performance and Golf as Guru: Mind"full"ness, Awareness and Self-Restraint. "Formed in 1916, the U.S. Army 31st Infantry Regiment-known as the Polar Bears-has fought in virtually every war in modern American history. For more than 100 years the soldiers of the 31st U.S. Infantry Regiment have served our nation-training, securing, fighting, bleeding and sometimes dying, in pursuit and protection of America's interests around the world." John is a proud Polar Bear!