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Name: Michael Thurston Gibson
Panel/Line: 16W/130
Force: Army
Company: C
Rank: Staff Sergeant / Specialist Six
Pay Grade: E5 Posthumous Promotion
CAACF: 230689109
Home of Record: Bondtown, VA
Birth Date: October 15, 1948
Race: Caucasian
Gender: M
Religion: Baptist
Married: N
Death Date: November 28, 1969
Cause of Death: "ground casualty gun, small arms fire hostile";
Died in Long An at age 21
The body was recovered.
Michael Thurston Gibson

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Comment[Alan H. Gibson]

I am Michael's cousin but consider Michael my brother since we were raised by our grandparents in Bondtown, Va and were less than a month apart in age. I had already served a tour in Nam (1967) with 2nd BN 1st Marines and had been honorably discharged when Michael was drafted. If there is anyone out there who would like to converse with me about Michael I would like to do so. It has taken me a long time to get to the point where I could do so.

Alan H. Gibson

Comment[Dan Kelley]

Tribute to Michael Gibson: Gibson was not in my platoon (C co, 3rd Plt) but he spent a lot of time in our platoon area because we had a basketball hoop on a flat area between the rice paddies. He was there often 'cajoling' me with that strong southern accent, shoot some hoops'. He was a happy positive guy. The day of his death was my worst in country. We were in a blocking position and 1st Plt was 'pinned down'-Michael's platoon. When we reached them they were all lying on the ground and had 3 or 4 men that were confirmed dead in front of them. We pulled back out of that wood lineand brought arty in and leveled the area. When we went back in we received fire again; pulling 3 or 4 POWs out of bunkers and a crew served machine gun out of a near by wood line. As we recovered the bodies the first I found was Gibson.

I think of these men often and they are the real hero's in my life.


Dan Kelley


I too remember Mike Gibson. I was the Artillery FO in C Company and was assigned that day to 1st platoon and was in the same action described above by Dan Kelly. Gibson was in the lead element in that action and I believe was one of the first men hit. We tried for hours to reach him but were pinned down by brutal enemy fire, and lost more men trying. When we finally were reached by 3rd platoon, we were able to recove his body and others. It was a very bad day.

Mike (we always just called him Gibson) was one of the best liked and most respected men in the Company. He was my personal favorite, and always tried to look out for me as the "outsider" from Artillery. I will remember his smile and his quick laugh, and of course his southern drawl. I did visit the wall in DC and found his name. Another tough day.

Dunham Smith


"I was in bravo company but knew Mike.We used to call him Hoot.Great person was a sad day when I heard of his death."

Sgt Carl malczewski

Went a small town in Virginia last March for the dedication of a bridge for Michael. Visited his grave site and met many of his relatives and friends. Memorable experience. Helps make the journey back alittle easier after 45 years.

Dan Kelley