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Name: James Walter Bishop
Panel/Line: 15W/49
Force: Army
Company: D
Rank: Sergeant / Specialist Five
Pay Grade: E4 Posthumous Promotion
CAACF: 342383943
Home of Record: Moline, IL
Birth Date: May 7, 1949
Race: Caucasian
Gender: M
Religion: Baptist
Married: N
Death Date: December 12, 1969
Cause of Death: ground casualty multiple fragmentation wounds hostile;
Died in Long An at age 20
The body was recovered.
James Walter Bishop

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Comment[Lt. Walt Rutherford]

James Walter Bishop was killed by a shot to the head while coming to the aid of his platoon leader, 1st Lt Walt Rutherford who was charging a bunker. Bishop was awarded the silver star for his actions that day. The action began when Co D was called in to a Ranger Platoon of 6/31 sighting of NVA elements near Rach Kien. The action lasted approximately 10 hours and Bishop was killed in the mop up operation. He was one of six volunteers to enter the Base Camp from the North while elements of the Third Platoon entered from the South under the command of Capt. Everett Dennis Keaton. At the time of his death he was the First Squad leader and was much beloved by his men.