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Name: John Jay Janoska Jr
Panel/Line: 14W/29
Force: Army
Company: D
Rank: Staff Sergeant / Specialist Six
Pay Grade: E6
CAACF: 57361316
Home of Record: Plainview, NY
Birth Date: October 2, 1946
Race: Caucasian
Gender: M
Religion: not reported
Married: N
Death Date: January 12, 1970
Cause of Death: "ground casualty gun, small arms fire hostile";
Died in Long An at age 23
The body was recovered.
John Jay Janoska Jr

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Comment[SSG Jerry White]

Jay assumed the position of Platoon Sgt for the 3rd platoon, D Company after I left the field in August 1969. Jay spent a week or two with me at Vinh Kim before the Company was sent to Can Giouc, where I left the field and Jay assumed the position of Platoon Sgt, and I was sent to Can Duoc to serve as a liaison between a MACV force and the 6/31st. I remember Jay as being a nice guy with a real interest to learn how we operated while at Vinh Kim. While on radio watch at Can Duoc, I heard that the platoon had been hit and that their 75 (Jay) had been killed. In talking to my former platoon members, I understand that Jay (referred to by the platoon as "Super 6") had decided to lead the platoon into a thick stand of nipa palm and had been shot once in the head. It is my understanding that he died instantly.

Hopefully, his former platoon members will add to this brief input.

SSG Jerry White, former Platoon Sgt for 3rd platoon, Delta Company, 6/31st (Jan69 - Aug69).

Comment[Hamlet Don, "Luke" Smith: Platoon Leader 3rd Platoon]

JJ, Truly an Old Reliable

John Jay Jonaska Jr was always "JJ" to me. though sometimes called "J4". Named for a patriot, he too is a patriot in my memory and in the accounts I relate to my children and grandchildren. I wish JJ could have known the joy of children and grandchildren. This is an honor which JJ helped me to survive to realize.

When I arrived as Platoon Leader of third platoon in August of 1969, JJ was there as Platoon Sgt. He helped me from day one, first to get settled into country, and then everyday as the best NCO I knew in the Army. JJ saw to it that every man had his "stuff together" and was "standin' tall and lookin' good" when time came to "saddle up". Thanks, JJ, for being truly an Old Reliable. Your family must be proud of your honorable service and excellence in leadership. I can testify to all that they come no better than John Jay Janoska, Jr. Always remembered with fondness and honored as heroic, you are not forgotten.

Comment[Al Pulvirenti: Friend and buddy in Vietnam]

John Jay was a good solider who took care of others. A happy and sharing guy.

Comment[Dan Zigler]

SSG Janoska was assigned briefly to B Co.  In July of 69 in a firefight north of Dong Tam I had the opportunity to go to the field with the SSGT.  I remember him turning on his flashlight in the middle of the night to read a map.  In the firefight he was wounded, grazed across his left temple.