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Name: William Harp
Panel/Line: 07W/37
Force: Army
Company: D
Rank: Sergeant / Specialist Five
Pay Grade: E4 Posthumous Promotion
CAACF: 513506431
Home of Record: Pompano Beach, FL
Birth Date: September 21, 1948
Race: Caucasian
Gender: M
Religion: Lutheran
Married: N
Death Date: September 4, 1970
Cause of Death: ground casualty by an explosive device hostile;
Died in Hau Nghia at age 21
The body was recovered.
William  Harp

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William Harp was my uncle, and I am looking for other herors who served with him. I know little about him, and I would love to know more.

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Bill was a quiet soldier.  I remember that day. We were waiting for the birds to come and pick us up. The first lift came, left, we were waiting, and when they were coming in, Bill just went to the ground.  There was no blood. Nothing!  When we got back to the base camp, we tried to find out about him.  No one would tell us. We thought he died from a heart attack.  We just didn't know.  I believe it was the CO.'s last combat CA before we went to the new units.  Just very sad.  I remember we were shocked. They told us he was shot in the arm pit, that there was no exit wound.  Last day of those CA's.  Just made us feel really bad.

Charlie Salisbury