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Name: David Vicario
Panel/Line: /0
Force: Army
Company: C
Pay Grade:
CAACF: 52902511
Home of Record: ,
Birth Date: 11/30/-0001
Gender: M
Death Date: November 17, 1996
Cause of Death: "wounds, rocket/bomb";
Died in at age
The body was .
David  Vicario

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Comment[Bruce Swander]

Based on his Personnel Record, he was assigned to C Co on 16 Aug 68 - and WIA on 21 Dec 68. In Feb/1969 he was moved to the Hospital at Ft Devons, then subsequently moved to the VA Hospital in Providence, RI in July/1969.

He died of these wounds on 17 Nov 1996, and his name was added to the Wall in May 1999.

The Army has coded his death due to rocket/bomb causes. I checked, and don't have the daily logs for this date....and if your C Co guys can let me know the reason surrounding his WIA it would be appreciated.