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Name: Fred George Losel Jr
Panel/Line: 59E/7
Force: Army - Selective Service
Company: B
Rank: Specialist Fourth Class
Pay Grade: E4
Home of Record: La Puente, CA
Birth Date: February 2, 1947
Race: Caucasian
Gender: M
Religion: Methodist
Married: N
Death Date: May 12, 1968
Cause of Death: "ground casualty by multiple fragmentation wounds, hostile";
Died in Gia Dinh at age 21
The body was recovered.
Fred George Losel Jr

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Comment[Bruce Swander]

My records show that he was an 11C with B Co. This was during the Cholon seige - where Losel was WIA on the 11th and subsequently DOW on the 12th. The FO attached that day (that was KIA) was 1LT Kenji Yamashia, from B Btry, 3/34th Arty.


To whom it may concern; Fred was a very close friend of mine, we grow up together, we were like brothers or closer than most brothers. I was on my thrid tour on Yankee Station on board the U.S.S. BON Homme Richard (CVA-31) when I recieved word that Fred had been KIA in South Vietnam. I remeber the last time together, just before I  was home on leave before starting my on my 3rd tour, leave was cut short because the U.S.S. Pueblo (AGER-2). What I'm trying to find if anyone in the 9th I.D, 6th fo 31st.(?) who tell what Fred was like, if there are pictures of mine in country, where exectly or was GIA DINH, Vietnam. I have many or questions concerning Fred.

Respectfully John Johnson,E-8 U.S.N (ret.)

John Johnson


I met Fred in AIT at Ft. Polk, La. We were both 11C at the time. Fed was from La Puente, CA and, although I  was from Pasadena, CA., we had several friends in common.  I had lived in La Puente for several years before high school.  My girlfriend at the time, who had graduated from La Puente High School, also knew Fred and Fred's brother.  After AIT I had a chance to go through NCOC at Ft. Benning, which changed my MOS to 11C.  Fred went home for his 30 day leave before going to Vietnam.  6 months later, I went home on leave before my tour in Viertnam.  When I got home,  I told my parents that I was going to look Fred up.  This is when they told me that Fred had been killed in Vietnam.  That informatlion had been kept  from me by my parents and my girlfriend.  I was able to go to The Wall a few years ago and make a rubbing with Fred's name.  I post it on my Facebook  page every Memorial Day.  Rest in Peace, Fred.  You are not fogotten.


Joseph Farmer.  B Co. 1/35th Infantry.  4th Infantry Division.