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Name: Terry Joseph Patrick Neill
Panel/Line: 55W/22
Force: Army
Company: D
Rank: Corporal / Specialist Four
Pay Grade: E3 Posthumous Promotion
CAACF: 11865302
Home of Record: Bristol, PA
Birth Date: October 25, 1948
Race: Caucasian
Gender: M
Religion: Roman Catholic
Married: N
Death Date: June 23, 1968
Cause of Death: ground casualty accidental homicide nonhostile; other causes
Died in Gia Dinh at age 19
The body was recovered.
Terry Joseph Patrick Neill

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Comment[Ron Koontz]

It was one of the saddest days in my life when I heard the news of Terry's death. I received a letter from his sister I think around July of 1968.

Terry and I were in AIT together at Ft. Polk Tiger Land-Little Nam. We just hit it off from the second we met. I was from San Jose CA and he from Bristol PA. I was 21 and he was 19 or 20. We had planned to get together after the war, but that changed. I got hit in the face and spent 17 months in the hospital in SF. That is where I really saw my Vietnam. All the guys coming back hurt and injured. That is when I began to 'help' vets coming back. Welcoming them into the hospital setting. I now am involved in veterans work on the state and federal level.

I never knew Terry to hold any prejudices against anyone and he was always smiling.

Ron Koontz,