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Name: Bobby Ray Childs
Panel/Line: 56E/1
Force: Army
Company: A
Rank: Corporal / Specialist Four
Pay Grade: E3 Posthumous Promotion
CAACF: 53610313
Home of Record: Greenwood, SC
Birth Date: July 30, 1947
Race: Negro
Gender: M
Religion: Baptist
Married: N
Death Date: May 6, 1968
Cause of Death: "ground casualty gun, small arms fire hostile";
Died in Gia Dinh at age 20
The body was recovered.
Bobby Ray Childs

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Comment[SFC Otis E. Saunders (Ret.)]

I was at Bobby's side the morning he died. I took a wound myself and was later shipped back to the States for 18 months of recovery. Bobby was one of the best guys I served with in my career in the Army. I tried to go back to Vietnam to avenge his death but they wouldn't let me. It appeared that he took a full load from an ak47. He will always be remembered by me.

SFC Otis E. Saunders (Ret.)