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Name: Danny Carlton Hayes
Panel/Line: 42W/18
Force: Army
Company: D
Rank: Sergeant / Specialist Five
Pay Grade: E5
CAACF: 51645040
Home of Record: Scottown, OH
Birth Date: October 31, 1943
Race: Caucasian
Gender: M
Religion: Baptist
Married: N
Death Date: September 26, 1968
Cause of Death: "ground casualty gun, small arms fire hostile";
Died in Kien Tuong at age 24
The body was recovered.
Danny Carlton Hayes

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Comment[Ray Heltzel]

This looks like the old poker players group. Many a time you'd hear Danny Hayes say, "I'm gonna bet'em high and tonight I'll sleep in the streets." Danny was pretty proficient at policing up any loose cash during our free time. He had a deck of cards so dog eared he would of needed a license for them back in the states.

For the record, Sgt. Hicks and Sgt. Williams were severely wounded the same day Bollman, Pruett, Borczynski, Hayes, and Trotter were Killed in Action. Sgt. Deschenes was killed approximately 6 weeks later. I realize many more were wounded at that time and we'll figure it all out in time.

Left to Right - Charles, Pruett, Hayes, Unknown Troop.

Sgt. Danny Hayes was the most likeable guys in the whole outfit. He never had a personality problem with anybody. One of the things I remember most about Dan was his enjoying drinking a beer. I never saw him drunk, and he brought calm and diplomacy to any gathering. He was a good a poker player that ever shuffled a deck. You could hear Dan say something like tonight I'm gonna bet'em high and if I don't win I'll sleep in the streets. That was his way of psyching the other players and buying a pot. Danny, James Pruett and myself hung out together and we built on each others strengths. Danny use to tell me (the hawk) you can have this stinkin' old war Heltzel; I just want to go home to my old job laying carpet.

Danny was a fire team leader for Dick Trotter and Bill Hoover and Glen Wainwright were on his team. Danny wasn't the type of guy that you'd think would be a hero but he was on 9-26-68 FF. On that date Dan distinguished himself by giving covering fire while other men were being evacuated. SSGT. Otis Williams, SSGt William Hicks, Richard Osborn , David Orris, Anthony Paolini, Jerry Forgue & Bobby Knight were all wounded that day. Two choppers were knocked down that day. Danny left a lasting impression with me and I named my second son after him. God Bless him Lord until we meet again.

PS. Danny was awarded a Silver Star for that day.

Danny Hayes and Bill Hoover

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