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Name: James George Deschenes
Panel/Line: 39W/73
Force: Army
Company: D
Rank: Platoon Sergeant / Sergeant First Class / Specialist Seven
Pay Grade: E6 Posthumous Promotion
CAACF: 11209456
Home of Record: Bangor, ME
Birth Date: January 9, 1932
Race: Caucasian
Gender: M
Religion: Protestant
Married: Y
Death Date: November 16, 1968
Cause of Death: "ground casualty gun, small arms fire hostile";
Died in Dinh Tuong at age 36
The body was recovered.
James George Deschenes

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Comment[Ray Heltzel]

For the record, Sgt. Hicks and Sgt. Williams were severely wounded the same day Bollman, Pruett, Borczynski, Hayes, and Trotter were Killed in Action.

Sgt. Deschenes was killed approximately 6 weeks later. I realize many more were wounded at that time and we'll figure it all out in time.

Sgt. Deschenes was a tough talking opinionated individual who used up his allotment of course talk before breakfast. This was the personality James showed all around him. He had 44 of the most fun living problem people to ride heard over and so the language was probably necessary. I don't think a lesser man could have done it. You never knew when he approached you if he was going to bite your head off or try to bum a cup of coffee. He truly was the the glue that held that outfit together. He was KIA'd when he got up on a mound to have a look around. Everybody sure missed him after that. Thus the torch was passed to me and I had my hands full of all the new guys. James was dedicated to his platoon and to his family. He was a hard man to get to know. Wally Drummond was his RTO. God Bless Him.

Ray L. Heltzel

L to R - Hicks, Deschenes, Malane, and Pifelman

L to R - Deschenes & Nester