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Name: Russell Lee Harris
Panel/Line: 32W/14
Force: Army
Company: B
Rank: First Lieutenant
Pay Grade: O2
CAACF: 5350692
Home of Record: Salt Lake City, UT
Birth Date: September 7, 1947
Race: Caucasian
Gender: M
Religion: Lutheran
Married: N
Death Date: February 11, 1969
Cause of Death: ground casualty multiple fragmentation wounds hostile;
Died in Dinh Tuong at age 21
The body was recovered.
Russell Lee Harris

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Comment[Commodore Mann]

I knew Lt Harris but I am sure others knew him better as he was not my platoon leader and I left the company before he died.  Also, there was a 1LT Black(something) that was great friends with him.  I was on duty in the TOC the night we took rounds and he was killed out on the berm.

Comment[Dan Zigler]

There is a pic that shows persons setting up for the Bob Hope show.  Lt. Harris in the left hand background section of the photo wearing a jungle hat.  Commodore Mann can verify the info.

Comment[Al Vargas, 2nd Platoon, Delta Co.]

While pulling Burm security that night on the eastern part of FSB Moore, Lt. Harris came to our sandbag bunker making sure we were alert only to discover after being hit with incomming rounds that he was was killed.

BRAVE OFFICER KIA while doing his JOB assignment.