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Name: Paul William Motley
Panel/Line: 31W/11
Force: Army
Company: B
Rank: Private First Class
Pay Grade: E3
CAACF: 54422942
Home of Record: Idalou, TX
Birth Date: August 2, 1945
Race: Caucasian
Gender: M
Religion: Methodist
Married: Y
Death Date: February 23, 1969
Cause of Death: "ground casualty gun, small arms fire hostile";
Died in Dinh Tuong at age 23
The body was recovered.
Paul William Motley

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Comment[SGT D. Ziegler B Co 6/31st]

This is from a letter dated 2/24/69 in which I wrote my parents.

Bravo Company 6/31st boarded an LST type riverine craft. The craft with company traveled west on the My Tho River. While engaging in normal recon in force operations a VC base camp was discovered along with 75mm recoilless shells, mortar rounds, grenades and maps. That evening the company set up around the base camp in triangulated positions facing a high rice or grass field.

Later that night VC entered thru that vegetation and fired RPG and AK- 47 fire at a single position. I remember the tracer rounds came right thru our position about ground level. One person was KIA and one was WIA. The person killed was Paul Motley, he had only been in-country a few weeks and no one I knew even knew him. The casualties were extracted that evening by Medevac.

SGT D. Ziegler B Co 6/31st

Comment[Dennis Motley]

Hello, my name is Dennis Motley, son of Paul William Motley.

My father was KIA in February of 1969. I have looked for years for someone who had known him in Vietnam and could give me more information about his short time there. Out of the blue about 6 weeks ago, a man named Kevin Walters contacted my family after all these years. He served with Paul and became very good friends with him. Needless to say, this man and his family has become very dear to us. I plan on meeting him in person next year. I wanted to send you a picture of my father for you to post on the site.

I happened upon this site after Kevin had contacted us and I was looking at more information. I have posted some pictures and info at the virtual wall, and will share any pictures that I have with you if you wish. There are a couple of pictures with other men my father served with, but I have no idea who these men are, maybe you will have an idea, or others might as well. I will send these 2 along with the picture of Paul.

My home email address is if you want to get in touch with me there.


Dennis Motley

Paul William Motley

Paul William Motley

Paul William Motley's Unknown Friend

Paul William Motley's Unknown Friend